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On the last day of our Galapagos Cruise the Island San Cristobal is on the agenda. The wind had become strong over night and getting to the island in the dinghy or even worse, getting on land, turns out to be quite a challenge.


Hector, our dinghy driver, has a lot of fun in the high waves and tries to surf with the dinghy - smiling pitifully at his colleague in the other dinghy, who takes the long way around the highest waves.

When we get to the island, a hearty jump onto the wet and slippery wooden platform is needed as well as a short run to the end of the platform to avoid being splashed by the big waves, that wash over it.

We all make it save and sound to the shore.


A colony of sea lions with many babies await us. Cuteness overload…





Galapagos97.jpg Galapagos98.jpg




The Bird Sanctuary


We then take a walk through a bird sanctuary.

Thousand of Nazca Boobies and Fregate Birds are nesting on the cliffs. The noise is amazing...



(Nesting Nazca Boobie) 



(Confused Nazca Boobie)


 Galapagos103.jpg Galapagos104.jpg

(Love birds ;-DD)



(Galapagos hawk)



(blowing hole at the cliffs of San Cristobal)



(one of the last albatross - he should be on his way to warmer places already) 



(Cliffs of San Cristobal. with thousands of birds nesting) 



(Heap of Iguanas, don't ask me what they are doing there) 



(Fregate Bird) 


And this young gentleman here was sitting in the middle of the path, not wanting me to pass.He actually attacked me and hit the camera various times, which I wisely used as a shield. :-D Crazy chicken... ;-)



The unknown Beach

In the late afternoon our guide, who was born on San Cristobal, takes us to the beach, where he used to go when he had more time.

It has no name that I can remember, but it is wild and beautiful.

Crazy high waves crash on the beach.


Galapagos121.jpg Galapagos117.jpg  Galapagos122.jpg  


We find a part without rocks and run into the water having a blast! The only scary piece is, that a friend and me find ourselves around 20 meters away from the beach in an instant and without wanting it… there’s a current dragging you out. Getting back takes us some serious swimming. Still, it was so much fun and a great last activity before leaving the boat on the next morning.


 Galapagos119.jpg Galapagos120.jpg


We have a nice last dinner together, exchange telephone numbers and promise to stay in touch. In the morning we then say good bye to the Archipel Family. :-(


You should go....   Recommendations


I cannot recommend it enough. If you have the chance to visit the Galapagos Islands, do. It is crazy expensive, I know, but also an experience of a lifetime. Book last minute in Quito or Guayaquil or online, most agencies anyway work online only.

Should you be interested, here are the agencies we liked:




We booked the Galapagos Cruise as well as all flights and hotels involved with Carlos Risueno, a one man show but really making an effort. We had to cancel and change several flights because of Markus’ broken foot and had no internet connection on the islands. Carlos was a big help. His contact data:

Carlos Risueno

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address in Quito: Ulpiano Paez N21-74 y Robles, Valladolid building, Of. 504

Tel/Fax: (593-2) 2566172  / Mobile: (593-9) 99256096

Ecuador Tours: http://www.ecuadorgreentravel.net

Galapagos last minute deals: http://www.dealsgalapagos.com





Robin Slater from Sangay Touring. A self-employed travel agent with incredible knowledge about the Galapagos Islands. He did at least 20 cruises himself and was a big help finding out, what cruise we actually wanted. Unfortunately we didn’t book through him, as he didn't sell the Archipell, which was fitting perfectly from a time and price perspective. Still we highly recommend him. Check out the internet page, it's the most interesting we found about Galapagos.

Robin Slater

Sangay Touring, Quito, Ecuador


Amazonas N23-31 (between Veintimilla & Wilson)

Tel: + (593-2) (02) 222-1336 / 256-0428





We also recommend the boat, the Archipell II. The guide changes (self-employed), but the crew was great, the food amazing and the boat well maintained. 





Bye, beautiful Galapagos Islands...we shall return.






Who is writing here?

Hi, I am Manu. A year ago I decided that I need a break from the daily routine as a software engineer and quit my job. With my boyfriend I will travel the world for the next months. And I will share all the pictures, stories and whatever comes my way in this blog.

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