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Española is one of the oldest islands of the Galapagos, about 4 million years old. It slowly becomes a rocky, barren island with few vegetation.


But the large sandy bays are a playground for sea lions.


That’s what Gardener Bay is famous for. Crystal clear water of an incredible color, white sands and cute sea lions. 




When we first arrive at one of the beaches of Española we are blown away by the closeness of the animals. My ship mates challenge each other to get the best shot. 



(Natalia, Nico and Jesus approaching...)


When I get closer, the same sea lion is really interested now and tries to find out what the black thing in my hand is and suddenly hurries closer. It’s a rather intimidating sight, especially through the camera lens and I actually fall on my behind while trying to move backwards. 

I swear that sea lion was laughing at me!! :D




Also sea turtles come here to mate. 

This guy was holding on tight to his lady in the waves. He drowned her several times and she did not seem very happy about this, waving wildly and trying to get him off. But he was not willing at all to let go.





The sea turtles also come to this beach to bury their eggs in the soft sand. 

They leave traces in the sand and you often find them at the shore, relaxing from the heavy work.

 Galapagos69.jpg Then we took off to famous Gardener Bay. We found this guy on one of the small islands whilepassing by with the dinghy. Galapagos72.jpg 

Gardener Bay

Looking at the pics, you will probabely understand why it's famous and why nobody of us wanted to leave... Galapagos85.jpgGalapagos86.jpgGalapagos87.jpg

(group cuddeling on the beach...) 


Galapagos89.jpg Galapagos90.jpg

Galapagos91.jpg(Natalia and Nico enjoying the warm water) Galapagos92.jpg Galapagos93.jpgWe found this gal behind some rocks in the back part of the beach. And she didn't move a bit, defending her nest with her beak.


(Christmas Iguana. Really called like this. His green and red color must have reminded someone of a christmas tree...)  Galapagos83.jpgGalapagos82.jpg(Nico making fun with a sea lion... or is the sea lion making fun of him :-P) 


After a whole day of sun, fun, incredible pictures and a fantastic scenery we have to leave Española in the evening.A bit sad but happy and exhausted we return to the ship. What a day.Galapagos73.jpg   

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