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The next day of our cruise lead us to the islands Genovesa and Bartholomew.


We got up at 6 am to make sure we would be alone on the island.

Tired we had a strong coffee and set off to the island in a dinghy.


Flaming red crabs covered the lava stones, when we tried to get off the dinghy.

They didn’t even move, when you almost stepped on them...


Genovesa Island

Galapagos19.jpg (better don't mess with this guy...)



Markus, who had broken his foot a few days before as you probably know, went with us and walked up the planked path a few hundred meters.

He had his own guard, who would walk with him and his crutches and would prevent him from falling. 



Galapagos22.jpg (yes, that's Markus with crotches ;-))



The rest of us slowly climbed the top of the hill of Genovesa Island, enjoying the scenery bathed in a golden light by the early morning sun. 




Galapagos30.jpg (lava lizard heating up in the morning sun)



(can you see the small caldera in the water?) 


Coming back to our boat, a mouthwatering breakfast awaited us.

The boat set off to the next bay, where we would be snorkeling for a while.



Bartholomew Island


In the afternoon we set off for a short walk on Bartholomew Island, one of the younger islands.

It consists of an extinct volcano. 




There are 2 main types of lava, in Hawaiian language called Pahoehoe and A-a.


Pahoehoe lava


Pahoehoe Lava is one of the most interesting forms of lava, since it tends to flow more as a thick liquid.

It can pour uphill as well as downhill and can create a huge variety of interesting shapes.

And it is really nice to walk on it... :D



Galapagos39.jpg Galapagos40.jpg Galapagos41.jpg Galapagos44.jpg(is it just me or do you also have to think of Alien..?)   


Astonishingly the lava is really colorful underneath its black surface! Galapagos38.jpg 


A-a lava

 A-a lava (maybe to be translated as Ouch-Ouch…) is one of the worst lavas in the world - almost impossible to walk over and if you ever wanted to get revenge on an enemy you would strip them naked and leave them stranded in the middle of an a'a flow. Just an idea. ;-)


Galapagos36.jpg But Birds and Penguins seem to like this kind of lava, maybe because no one bothers them...


Galapagos35.jpg(Bluefooted Boobie (yeah, really called like that!) :-D)


Galapagos45.jpg Galapagos47.jpg(Pelican trying to reach that certain spot on his back) 


Galapagos48.jpg(Gang of penguins on A-a lava... somehow these guys reminded me of Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico from "Penguins from Madagascar" planning an outbreak...)     






Who is writing here?

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