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The Galapagos Islands are located about 900 km west of the equadorian mainland and were formed by uplifts of submarine lava formations.


The islands and the surrounding waters form the Galapagos National Park, which is famous for a huge number of endemic species, that Charles Darwin and his Beagle explored between 1831 and 1836.


Here's the first article of our Galapagos cruise.


But beware, contains cute pictures of an incredible wildlife...



(Baby sea lion posing in the rain...)

Galapagos2.jpg Galapagos3.jpg


After arriving at the airport of Baltra, Galapagos Islands, and waiting for the 3 planes with tourists to arrive, we got on board the boat, that would host us for the next 8 days: 

The Archipell II, a catamaran that could host 10 crew members and 16 guests.


We had booked the cruise last-minute in Quito, which I really recommend, if you are not timed to specific dates. We saved quite a lot of money compared to the „original“ prices.

We had chosen a catamaran, because the sea around Galapagos can be a bit bumpy - we would find out later, that this is more than true.


Arriving on the boat, we got to know the guide, the crew and the other travelers and we were lucky. They were really nice and funny people, all of them!


We then set off to North Seymour Island, to have a 2 hour walk on the lava and see some breeding frigate birds, cute sea lions, small lava lizards, colorful Land-Iguanas and black Sea-Iguanas.



(Sea Iguana)


Galapagos8.jpg(Fregate bird in mating mode... it takes 45 minutes to blow his... sack...)    Galapagos9.jpg(Land Iguana the size of a small dog)


Unfortunately it was pouring. I tried to keep the camera lens dry under my rain jacket and wiped it every few seconds with my shirt. It worked more or less but half an hour later there was no dry spot left on my shirt… ;D

We were all soaked including our underwear. It felt like being fully dressed under a shower. At least the rain was warm.


Galapagos15.jpg(only one thing to do in this rain: cuddle ;-))


But guess what?

It was actually fun despite the heavy rain! The animals weren’t afraid of us, they were rather curious and even came closer to see who we were. And some of them also seemed very annoyed by the rain :-D



Galapagos6.jpg(Fregate bird not happy about the rain...) Galapagos10.jpg(Fregate bird even more pissed by the rain ;-DD) 


There's more to come, but as always, it's too much for one article.

Stay tuned ;-)



(ever tried to twist your neck like this? ;-D)