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Setting sail and leaving San Blas with direction Cartagena. Part III of our sailing trip.

24 hours just blue water and blue skies.

And time came to a stop...


Sailing on


After 2 days of forgetting about time and space we need to say good bye to San Blas. In the early morning (5 am) we wake up from the tremendous noise of a hoisted anchor. The 3 big sails are set and with the help of the motor (no wind in October…) and a strong current we make 8 knots on our way back to Cartagena.


Stahlratte39.jpg Stahlratte40.jpg 


The time on board comes to a complete stop, it feels. The color blue is omnipresent, the light wind and the steady noise of the motor lull us all into a calm and beautiful dream. 


Above the sails even an iridescent cloud with the colors of a rainbow. Can you see it?





Then the night falls around us...


We sail on into the nightfall, the sundown behind us, the moon already shining in front of us, its light reflecting on the soft waves. Some thunderstorms illuminate the horizon. It is so beautiful, it almost hurts. 


Stahlratte52.jpg Stahlratte53.jpg Stahlratte54.jpg 

The talks on board are reduced to a whisper as everyone gazes at the ocean at night

enjoying its simple yet powerful beauty.

 Stahlratte55.jpg Stahlratte56.jpg



Entering port of Cartagena


Early next morning (5am) we are woken up by the noise of the dropping anchor.


A bit sleepy still we climb out of the berths and find the harbor of Cartagena illuminated by thousands of lights.


Stahlratte57.jpg Stahlratte58.jpg Stahlratte59.jpg We stay to see a milky sun rise behind the clouds and decide then to follow the crew’s example and sleep a few hours more. Stahlratte60.jpg Stahlratte61.jpg 


2 hours later we sit down for the last hearty breakfast on the ship.

We say good-bye to new friends and to the pirate life, we enjoyed for a short time.


Needless to say, that we enjoyed every single bit of the trip.

If you have the chance, make sure you try it! And give Captain Lulu and his crew a big hug from us ;-)





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