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We arrived at our AirBnB apartment in Cartagena de Indias on a Saturday around 4:30 pm. The apartment is located in a block of buildings with private security, so we had to „check in“ first, showing our passports and the security guy filled out a form - well form is maybe not the right word, taking into account that we are now officially named Markus Deutsch and Manuela Deutsch. ;-)


Then the security guy gave us a paper bracelet (one of those, that you would get at a concert) to put on. We looked at each other for a second and then put them into our pocket - no way wearing such a thing for 3 months :-D


We didn’t know yet, that all the security guys would know us some hours later anyhow.


This is the entry hall:




Adriana, our AirBnB contact already waited for us in the apartment to show us the place and hand over the keys. So far, so good. 


When she was gone, we decided to buy some groceries. 

Thinking, that the 2 keys were identical we took just one and went out. Halfway down the stairs we noticed that we had forgotten the bloody bracelets and turned around. We just couldn’t open the door anymore - 2 locks… for 2 keys… We had officially locked us out. 


We went to the security guys telling them what happened. They were really nice and tried to help calling about 10 different people to find out Adriana’s number (the phone with her contact data was of course as well in the apartment). In the meantime we tried to connect to wifi with the other phone to find out the number in the internet, but got no connection. Half an hour later the security guy saw this and gave us the password for their company wifi. 


Finally having Adriana’s number, we tried to call her and send her several messages, only she didn’t answer… The security guy talked about calling a company who would open the door for us. He told us, that people lock themselves out all the time and that it wouldn’t be that expensive. He also told us, that there is a small bathroom window and another inhabitant had climbed in through that one to open his door.

Checking the window we decided to give Adriana some more time to answer. The window was open, but TINY and didn’t even open completely - no way!




We really wondered how that other guy had managed and put it below „fairy tale“.



When we were just about to decide to call a company to open the door, another security guy came in. He was very friendly and… very small. His colleague quickly told him our story and he grinned broadly hearing that the bathroom window was open. He already did some exercises to loosen his joints and jumped up and down in front of us, really keen to try it.

We couldn’t quite believe it, but that little fellow really squeezed through the window in no time and opened our door from within. I never saw a thing like this. Amazing. Grinning even more broadly the guy said good night and off he was.

Needless to say that our bathroom window is securely closed now, right? :-D


And yes, by now every security guy knows who we are - they greet, wave and smile like loons when we pass by ;-))




Who is writing here?

Hi, I am Manu. A year ago I decided that I need a break from the daily routine as a software engineer and quit my job. With my boyfriend I will travel the world for the next months. And I will share all the pictures, stories and whatever comes my way in this blog.

If you like, get in touch! Send me a message or directly comment on the articles!

I am happy to hear from you! :-)