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For 2 weeks we were volunteering on an organic Farm, that produces fruit, vegetables and wine. Here are some stories we relived. Enjoy! :-D


The weather forecast talks about 38 degrees Celsius for Similkameen Valley this week.

Bad enough if you are working in the sun without any shade.


But to make things worse there is a bush fire behind the mountains and yesterday the wind changed - blowing hot air to us, that seems to be coming straight from hell. Dear Lord. We are staying in a cabin at the river. No air condition of course and walls out of cardboard. The sun is almost burning a hole into its walls throughout the day.



We try to get up early (i.e. 6:15 am) to get the work done until the sun kills everything and everyone in its reach. At 5pm it gets so hot, that your brain feels like a melted cheese and it actually stops working. It's like "What did you say?" or "I go in to get some... what was it that I wanted?!" - very annoying :-D  


It feels like 3000 degrees Celsius outside. Our cabin is even worse and rather resembles Crematoria (you remember the movie „Chronicles of Riddick“ with Vin Diesel?). You almost burn to ashes if you stay inside too long. Even the body lotion separated itself into its components and now looks like a weird cocktail.




In these heat we stay outside in the shade, trying not to move, sweating anyway and waiting desperately for the sun to drop behind the mountains ("Drop! DROP! Now f#@!*#! drop for gods sake!!!!") so that the temperature becomes bearable. And then we try to sleep with still 2000 degrees in the bedroom. Purgatory must feell like this.


At the horizon of the next picture - the valley on the right - you can see where the bush fire is - and no, this is not the sundown... 



One day the wind changed in the night - now blowing air from the fires into our bedroom. We woke up in the middle of the night from the smell of fire, were wide awake at once and searched the whole area - at last finding out that our bedroom window was exactly in the direction of the wind carrying hot smoke from the fire. Weird, really weird.


The good thing: You can wash all clothes and shoes every afternoon. Even the thickest hiking sock dries in 3 hours. And it still could be much worse. We could be staying in a tent for example... :-D


Or can you imagine being a fire jumper who needs to fight the fire behind that bloody mountain? Ufff - and all my respect to those people...




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