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For 2 weeks we were volunteering on an organic Farm, that produces fruit, vegetables and wine. Here are some stories we relived. Enjoy! :-D


We arrived on a Monday morning and started our volunteering by harvesting garlic... 

It is a pretty exhausting piece of work as you need to move away the 3 tons of hay, that were placed over the garlic plants and then loosen the garlic bulb in the soil with a shovel to be able to pull it out. We harvested about 6 wheelbarrows of garlic bulbs and Nathan hung them up in a shed for drying.


Now in the shed something stared at us. A cute little vampire was crawling on the wall,  a small furry bat.

And obviously it was getting more and more annoyed by the disturbance - or by the garlic we were hanging up :-D 


With a grin Nathan threw the bat out. „That’s not a place for vampires.“ It flew away, flew a curve and I had to duck to avoid a collision. Maybe its sonar was damaged... :-D  

It then sat on an old tree root in front of our cabin. It looks a bit exhausted, don’t you think? Must have been the garlic ;-)


Bat.jpg Bat2.jpg    

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