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Our Greyhound bus departed at the old Vancouver Bus Station at a quarter past midnight. At noon we said good-bye to our AirBnB Host Andrea, took our bagpacks and set off to the station, hoping there would be a possibility to check in or store the luggage. We found out that Greyhound wouldn’t store the luggage and wouldn’t put it into their office either. But Amtrak did. At least until 7pm. Still 5 more hours to go.


Seeing the drug addicts in front of the station bothering people we decided to wait inside. The benches were not made for laying down (thinking of the people hanging around outside, we know why), so no thought of having a nap. We met a young indian guy, who waited for the same bus and passed the time talking, keeping each other awake. 


As the bus finally arrived with an hour delay, we thought we could sleep there. Well. No. A plane is uncomfortable for sleeping, but honestly - a bus? Your head keeps bouncing around driving through all the curves and the bus driver will wake you up announcing every stop and turning on the lights. If anyone tells you he was sleeping in a greyhound, he must have been either completely drunk or almost dead. We will try drunk next time…




The bus dropped us off at 6:30am in a dusty jerkwater town called Keremeos in the beautiful Similkameen Valley, which is a desert and home of 14 vineyards. The town itself was closed at this time and gave the impression of a ghost town - we almost waited for the dry bush to roll over the street like in one of those bad western movies. 


As there is no public transportation and our home for the next 2 days was „just“ 8,7 km away, we shouldered our backpacks and set off walking. Nobody told us that it would be that damn hot (somehow we must have missed the word "desert")... the sun burning from above, our feet burning from below. We skipped the breaks just wanting to get out of the sun and walked. And walked. And walked.


The Vineyard


At about 9am we finally reached the vineyard - soaked and completely exhausted. A friendly voice greeted us in German (!) and said exactly what we needed to hear: „You are early but your room is ready! Go, take a shower and relax. Do you want a coffee and breakfast?“


The Crowsnest Vineyard is one of the few wineries, that have rooms. B+B, Restaurant and Vineyard are run by the Heinecke family, who immigrated to Canada in the nineties. They are incredible friendly people loving to talk and to share a good laugh. We spent the evenings in their company tasting the local and international specialties Sascha created in his kitchen and enjoyed the wine that Ann produced, sitting and talking far into the night. If you happen to be around, go and visit them. And say hello from us. Here’s their website: 



And here are some pictures we took from their property :-)




Simil_apples.jpg Simil_crows2.jpg 

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